Daily Create 3

February 18-

TDC55 – Compass & etc. – March 4, 2012

TDC55 - Compass & etc. - March 4, 2012
Today’s ds106 Daily Create task was to take a picture of something that measures something. This handy device given as a present some years ago has a whistle, mirror, magnifying lens and compass. On the other side is a thermometer and blood pressure sensor.

TDC54 – Sound from the Kitchen – March 3, 2012

Today’s challenge was to record an ordinary sound. This easy one was done in the kitchen.

TDC47 – Happy Graduation – February 25, 2012

TDC47 - Happy Graduation - February 25, 2012

Today’s Daily Create prompt was to take a photo which features your favorite color. Mine is in there, can you guess what it is?

TDC45 – NamKcol Ttocs – February 23, 2012

For today’s daily create the task was to record you name being spoken backwards. I recorded this with the Hindeburg Field Recorder app and uploaded it directly to iTunes. It could just as easily been done with the free Soundcloud app which is available for IOS and Android devices.

TDC43 – The Bottle Man – February 21, 2012

I recorded this little snippet for today’s Daily Create from ds106. The task was to “tell the story of a place in one ambient audio recording.”

TDC42 – In The Computer Lab – February 20, 2012

TDC42 - In The Computer Lab

This is where the Cyberspace and Society magic takes place. The photo was taken a few minutes before the start of class.

TDC41 – Prized Possession – February 19, 2012

TDC41 - Prized Possession

Before retiring from endodontics due to Parkinson’s disease more than 20 years ago, my dad gave me this Swiss Army knife. He used a dental handpiece to etch my name into the plastic and inlaid dental amalgam. It’s one of the things that not been lost or thrown away through the past two plus decades of life’s journey.


2 Responses to Daily Create 3

  1. that’s a really nice keepsake from your dad! Nice carving too.

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