Daily Create 1

Everything prior to February 10, 2012

TDC 29 – Singing in the Upside Down Rain – February 7, 2012

TDC29 - Singing in the upside down rain I’d never have thought to do one like this were it not for Roundhouseslap’s awesome Kiss of the Spiderman shot for today’s Daily Create. The task was to:

Make a photo of something upside down that is never seen that way.

In this case, I grabbed a picture of Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain found via a Google Image search. I opened it up in Gimp, selected Gene’s face, made a layer mask with the inverted selection and dropped this silly shot of your’s truly that someone dug up on the internet for a ds106 assignment one layer below the masked layer – and Bob’s your uncle: operation accomplished.

TDC 28 – Ten Second Ring Tone – February 6, 2012

This one is not so good. But it was fun to do. Another fun thing to do is to listen to all the wacky stuff others have come up with for The Daily Create assignment 28. Today’s task was to record a 10 second ring tone without saying any words.

I feel sorry for anyone who chooses to load this on to their phone.

TDC27 – Something Loud – February 5, 2012

Something Loud

Today’s task was to take a picture that represents or expresses something loud. I borrowed number 1 daughter’s souped up iPod Nano for one of the few moments when it wasn’t attached to her head with headphones for the shot.

I’m still not sure why the zipper is there but it does kind of make it even louder, doesn’t it?

TDC26 – Old Slippers & Yesterday’s Socks – February 4, 2012

Old slippers & Yesterday's socks

TDC 26: Take a picture of your feet that shows what kind of day your having

I had to enlist the assistance of number 2 daughter to complete today’s Daily Create assignment. TDC26 tells us to point the camera at our feet and come up with a shot that matches the mood for the day.

As yesterday turned into a wee bit of an exhausting day, I could do little more than remove my necktie and jacket before collapsing into the futon for a long night of much needed and delicious sleep. That explains why yesterday’s socks are still on my feet early this Saturday morning. As for the slippers: tattered yet functional, just like the dude wearing them.

If you haven’t got on board the Daily Create express yet, the only question is whatsamattayou? It’s really too much fun to be missing out on. All you gotta do is follow the prompt.

Image: by me via cc licensing

TDC25 – Soothing Sounds Before Class – February 3, 2012


Using the SoundCloud iPhone app before class (I’ve also been told that there is similar free app for Android users), I intended to record myself telling a story to submit as a soothing sound. But I kept getting interrupted by students.

As the App is a one take record deal and class was about to begin, I uploaded as is and offer as today’s submission for the Daily Create TDC25.


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