The Future of Extra Credit


Extras by Andrew Ferguson via Flickr (Creative Commons licensed)

According to the Extra Credit Details Google document that was shared with the class last Friday (3/23), the deadline for proposals is this coming Monday (4/2). So far four students have submitted proposals. I’ve responded to all four and have only heard back from two.

I imagine that many of you are so busy with other classes and life and general to commit the time for such a project. That’s perfectly fine with me. Fewer extra credit projects means less work for me to evaluate and score them.

But in looking over the awesome work everyone did with defining and describing the various methods of analyzing the future in our last class, a thought occurred to me. I think it would be possible to do an interesting extra credit assignment based Wednesday’s work. I would be very interested to see what sort of scenario type of analysis / prediction you could come up with based on one of the descriptions done in class. So if this makes sense and appeals to you, please have a look at the document and think about how you might go about doing an extra credit project. Remember the proposal deadline is this coming Monday (4/2).

As for today: Speaking of scenarios, today we will be looking at the first two views of higher education in the year 2022 that Dr. Alexander mentioned in his Visible College talk at UMW. This diagram contains the notes I took while watching the talk and we will be working through it for most of today’s lesson. I used Lucid Chart to put the document together. There are some hyperlinks that can be shown by pressing the “Show Hotspots” button in the top right hand part of the window.

Image: Extras by Andrew Ferguson through CC licensing
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