Presentation Session – Round 5

Copy Right & Wrong 3

Today will be the final round of presentation sessions. The topic is Repression, Control & Propaganda. Below are the presenters:

Looking ahead:
Next week we begin the final section of the course: Surfin’ on Sunshine. As mentioned at our last class, I will be sharing a handout that will list the revised requirements in terms of blogging and ds106 assignments. As this section will be a couple of lessons shorter, you will be required to less of both than in earlier sections. But I will have more specific instructions about topics and categories. If you miss class and are unable to get the handout, please get in touch with by email.

For Monday’s lesson (3/19), please read the article and watch the video linked to below. It would be great if you could bring notes and questions you came up with while watching and reading to class.

Also don’t be surprised if there is some form of pop-quiz type activity related to the video and reading on Monday (3/19).
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