Presentation Sessions – Round 4 (plus some important info)

Vice Online 3

Image from Vice Online presentations 3/12/2012

And now we have two more rounds of presentations remaining. Today’s topic is Copy Right & Wrong. Below are the presenters and links to the articles they based their session on:

Blogging and ds106 assignment deadline extended

Those of you paying attention to the syllabus will have realized the Fear and Loathing Online section of the course ends today. That should mean that your blog posts and ds106 assignments should also be due. Since we were late getting started with this section, I’ve extended the deadline. Please have your Feedback Forms completed by 23:59 on March 19. Anything done after that will be counted as late.

Extra-credit opportunity

I’ve also not forgotten about offering an extra-credit chance for those in need. Details will be handed out in class on Friday 3/16 and Monday 3/19.

Surfin’ on Sunshine section

The final section of this course, Surfin’ on Sunshine, will begin on Monday 3/19. As there will be less than the allotted 9 lessons for this section, I intend to revise the required number of blog posts and ds106 assignments downward. Details will be posted prior to Friday’s (3/16) lesson. Please note that there will be an article assigned to be read and video to be watched for the 3/19 lesson in that post. Don’t be surprised if there’s a pop-quiz related to the article and video on 3/19 as we begin Surfin’ on Sunshine.

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