Presentations Sessions – Round 2

Gotta say, I’m delighted with the way the first round of Presentation Sessions went with the Everywhere Malware topic this past Wednesday. I was impressed with the level of preparation and quality of information the presenters shared with classmates.

Everywhere Malware 2

And judging by the pictures of smiling faces and attentive expressions and blog posts from Takuji, Jeremy, and Nick, I have to say you guys totally exceeded my expectations for this activity.

This quote from Jeremy was particularly encouraging:

I’m looking forward to doing mine on the Copyright and Wrong, now

Unfortunately, Jeremy has to wait until next Wednesday to do Copy Right and Wrong. Today is the day for Privacy and Surveillance. Below is the list of presenters. I would like to try to go through four rounds of presentations so we will be starting a bit earlier than we did on Wednesday.

  1. Bryan N. – Online Privacy fears
  2. Rodnie – Hackers-for-hire are easy to find
  3. Danny – What kinds of spyware are there?
  4. Lei – The end of online privacy
  5. Alex – Uncle Sam: if it ends in .com it’s seizable
  6. Bryan W – Surveillance and privacy by the American Civil Liberties Union

As with last time, I’d like for each of the presenters to sit far enough apart from one another so that there will be room for people to sit without interfering with other groups.

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