February 15 Lesson Pie Chart

Daily Create Pages: As you’ll notice, I’ve created pages on this blog for each week of the Daily Create project. The reason for doing this is so that all your Daily Create work can be found more easily. It has also been requested because some users have been unable to keep track of newly completed ds106 assignment blog posts since there have been so many Daily Create submissions.

I will demonstrate how to add pages to your blog and how to post the Daily Shoots at the beginning of the lesson.

Group Infographics: This Prezi file is still being tweaked but it should be sorted out by class time tomorrow morning. The Prezi file shows each of the first infographics selected by each group. I would like to briefly run through these and get a sense of where the various groups are with their analysis and blog posts for these infographics.

Also, please remember to set up your own Prezi accounts. After everyone in the group has done that, you will need to connect with one another so that you can work together on the same presentation file. This will be demonstrated in class.

Question Mark ?: I will have an announcement regarding the group project that should be good news to all. You won’t want to miss it.

And then what?: I encourage you guys to use Google chat or Skype or some other messaging software to communicate with each other on this project. Does Facebook let you do that? I think Google chat is pretty cool because in addition to text messaging you can also do voice and video (text is with multiple partners, I think speech and video are one on one). I’d like to demonstrate how to use that as none of the students I’ve asked about this seem to know what I’m talking about.

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