Minccino Plushie Spubble

When I saw the the great photos of Minccino in Ken’s imaginative Buddy Photo ds106 assignment from earlier today, I knew I had to do a Spubble. The ds106 Your Very Own Spubble assignment was quite a popular one for a while last semester. It is the sort of assignment that can be completed fairly quickly and is fun to do.

As I’ve been posting too many photos of myself lately, I decided to revise the original assignment description:

Learn to love yourself, grab a picture of yourself in which your body language, actions, gestures, etc. suggest one thing and then play off that using a speech bubble. Ideally the result would make people laugh…

So rather than portraying me – yet again – with an amusing speech bubble, I get to present Minccino sitting down to enjoy a Las Vegas Burger from McDonalds (available for a limited time as part of the Big America Hamburger Sandwich Cycle).

The process involved opening the image from Ken’s site directly in Pixlr and adding the speech bubble just as I did with a ds106 assignment done earlier today with another image.

Not much of a story to this other than that I’m so grateful to have so much inspiring work being thrown my way by the students. This is really a blast.

I only hope Ken doesn’t mind Minccino being used in such a way.

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One Response to Minccino Plushie Spubble

  1. Colin Schulz says:

    I really like what you’ve done with the picture. First of all the food looks so good, but besides that the speech bubble coming from the animal was a great idea, good job!

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