TDC 26 – Old slippers & yesterday’s socks

Old slippers & Yesterday's socks

TDC 26: Take a picture of your feet that shows what kind of day your having

I had to enlist the assistance of number 2 daughter to complete today’s Daily Create assignment. TDC26 tells us to point the camera at our feet and come up with a shot that matches the mood for the day.

As yesterday turned into a wee bit of an exhausting day, I could do little more than remove my necktie and jacket before collapsing into the futon for a long night of much needed and delicious sleep. That explains why yesterday’s socks are still on my feet early this Saturday morning. As for the slippers: tattered yet functional, just like the dude wearing them.

If you haven’t got on board the Daily Create express yet, the only question is whatsamattayou? It’s really too much fun to be missing out on. All you gotta do is follow the prompt.

Image: by me via cc licensing

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7 Responses to TDC 26 – Old slippers & yesterday’s socks

  1. swplunkett says:

    Looks comfortable, my cold bare feet are jealous.

    • lockmantuj says:

      Thanks swplunkett. Here in Japan it seems slippers in the house are de rigueur.
      It’s tricky to readjust to wearing street shoes in someone’s home when return to USA for a visit.

  2. sparlett says:

    im feeling your kind of day ;]

  3. gabbalabba says:

    Ha, we all have those days! I liked the learn-italian-in-a-click hyperlink

    • lockmantuj says:

      Actually I had the Bullwinkle’s Whatsamatta U in mind when I first wrote that. But I thought the reference would be too obscure for today’s youth, that’s why I went with the Urban Dictionary reference. My apologies to anyone of Italian decent who might take offense – none was intended.

  4. roundhouseslap says:

    I’m planning to do this later today. I know exactly what picture I’m going to take. The problem is, I think it’s hard to sum up a day in just one image of your feet! I’ve been taking a few pictures throughout the day of my feet, randomly, and might just roll them into a blog post.

    • lockmantuj says:

      Good point, Gina. It can be difficult to encapsulate a whole day in a single image. I like your idea of doing it in a sequence of shots taken throughout the day.

      Canadian wonder blogger and all around nice guy D’Arcy Norman did such a thing recently – though his theme clearly wasn’t the feet.

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