February 3 – Lesson Pie Chart

I hope that by the time class begins, most of you will have been able to copy, edit and share the Feedback Form from the template that was shared with everyone in Google Documents.  If not, we will spend a few moments walking through the steps. We will use these documents (one for each of you) to communicate about your scores in each of the course sections. I hope to have the Pioneers’ Vision section scoring squared away by middle of next week.

The following three slices are being served at Friday’s Lesson:

Some Explaining: I hope to have a blog post written before class which describes the group Infographic Critique and Create project which will comprise the bulk of the blogging work you do during the “State of the Net” section. Of course you will also be doing ds106 assignments (remember everyone must do at least three ds106 assignments for each of the four course sections). Also don’t forget that the Daily Create begins for our class on Monday 2/6. It will end on 2/24.

Conference & Group Work: I will again meet with four or five students during lesson time. While I’m meeting with students, I’d like you and your group members to begin coordinating on which two infographics you will analyze.

Homework Reminder: When I return, I hope to have a few words to say about the reading homework for Monday’s class.

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4 Responses to February 3 – Lesson Pie Chart

  1. roundhouseslap says:


  2. Paul says:

    First is the worst, second is the best.

  3. lockmantuj says:

    methinks you keeners are just trying to boost your comment counts

  4. I am forced to say …me third! 😀

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