January 30, 2012 – Pie Chart and Stuff

We are continuing student conferences this week. For today, I want to begin with a few brief announcements before beginning conferences. I intend to return to class at 9:25 or so. At this time we will go over the ds106 assignments that are linked to in the Some Recent Stuff section. Here are the details:

Accounts & Stuff: As mentioned last week, we will be getting in to the Daily Create later this week. To make this function most smoothly, you will need to set up three new accounts (unless you’ve already done so). Those accounts are:

  • Flickr – This is for photographs. My understanding is that you can do this through your gmail ID, but I’ve had problems with this in the past. It seems to work best if you set up a Yahoo account first (don’t forget your username and password). It is also recommend that you upload a half dozen or so photos so you can learn how Flickr works.
  • SoundCloud: Some of the Daily Create assignments ask you to work with audio. Your files need to be uploaded to SoundCloud.
  • YouTube: You will upload your video works to YouTube. As Jeremy mentioned in class last week, you can use your gmail ID and login to set up this account.

About Twitter, please update your twitter profile to include at a minimum a link to your blog. If you want to add any additional information, you are welcome to do so.

Conferences & Stuff: A list of names for this week’s in class conferences has been mailed out. I’ve still not checked the form that was also mailed. If you haven’t completed it with your preferred times for meeting outside of class and your name is not on the list of in class conferences, please complete the form.

As mentioned above, I intend to return to class at 9:25-ish. At that point we will have a look at and discussion about the four ds106 assignments listed below. Please take a moment to have a look at these before 9:25 so you might have something to contribute to the discussion.

Some Recent Stuff: Time allowing, we will review and discuss the following recent ds106 assignments.

  1. Dear Photograph by Eri
  2. Victoria Powers by Gina
  3. Smicropus: An Album Cover by Bryan N
  4. Patty Pioneers by Ren

After Class Workshop: I intend to spend some time after class demonstrating how to do an animated GIF. I know I’ve promised to produce some screen captures of past demos. I’m still trying to learn how to do this so please bear with me. If anyone has questions about other technical matters, please stick around after class end (if you have time). Or you can shoot me an email.

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3 Responses to January 30, 2012 – Pie Chart and Stuff

  1. b3movement says:

    Wow the youtube link you posted takes us right to the signup page, thanks Professor!

  2. Paul says:

    I appreciate the grey 🙂

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