The Pioneers

Here they are: The Pioneers

This is post is both is being done both as a demonstration how to do a post and as an actual post. What gets done in class today will be revised after class so please check back here again.

Below is a list of the pioneers in chronological order based on year of their significant contributions as related to our course. I leave it up to you, the students, to track down additional information on our pioneers. The results of your researches should be presented as blog posts and ds 106 assignments for this section.

  • Alan Turing
  • Vannever Bush
  • J.C.R. “Lick” Licklider
  • Doug Engelbart
  • Norbert Weiner
  • Ted Nelson
  • Alan Kay

Please note that for this first section of the course you will need to do a minimum of three ds106 assignments chosen from any of the categories.

Details about what to include in your ds106 assignment posts have already been discussed in my V for Vannever post and will also be addressed in my upcoming Triple Troll Quote post.

As for what’s expected in your blogging. That is pretty much wide open. You are welcome to discuss matters not related to matters we are looking at. But on some level, I will hope to see some type of sign that you’ve been thinking about the matters we cover through what you choose to say and how you choose to say it in your blog.

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