Lesson Pie Chart – 011312

I discovered a cool site for making charts and graphs. I’ve also been toying with the idea of using visual tools as I think about and organize my life. So in planning for today’s lesson, I decided to make a pie chart.

As you can see, our sixty minutes are divided into three sections (for some reason, I think of these as movements). The time might vary from movement to movement and some lessons might have a different number but I will attempt to throw one of these together before each of our lessons.

In text form, here’s what I have in mind for today:

  1. Blog post and ds106 assignment: Here I want to briefly look at my V for Vannever post from yesterday. I’d like to relate that to the ds106 assignments you will have to do during this course.
  2. Accounts and Username: So far I’ve received emails from about 25 students with new gmail accounts. Hopefully everyone else can set up the gmail today and send me a message so that I can create a contact list for this class. Also, please try to set up your WordPress and Twitter accounts for this class. I’d also like everyone to come up with a username which will be used for other accounts we’ll use this semester (it will help me greatly if you use the same username for each account. Also, I suggest not using your family name in the username you create.
  3. Introducing Vannever Bush: As most of you are still working through or have yet to begin reading As We May Think, I’d like to spend a bit of time talking about Bush’s life. Knowing more about who he was and when he lived might help to provide some context in reading his text.

There will also be a bit to say about homework at the end. Basically, I want everyone to have gmail, WordPress and Twitter accounts set up by Monday. I will set up a survey form and announcing it here on this blog for collecting the URLs and Usernames for your various  accounts. Please be on the lookout for that upcoming post.

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