New Header

The class begins in less than 48 hours. Nearly 40 students are enrolled. Considering all the awesome new developments with the ds106 site recently, the amazing group of online participants who are making themselves known, and the zany group of instructors, this can’t help but be a fun and wild ride. I can’t wait to see how things unfold.

As for this blog post, I want to have a record of the bit of tweaking I’ve done to the class blog. I just spent the last half or or so putting the header image together. Here’s what was used:

  1. Gimp
  2. Inkscape
  3. Circuit board image from Morgue Files
  4. Chintzy CPU BRK font from dafont

As students will be setting up their own blogs on later next week, I felt it would be useful for me to figure out how to do this. I’m still hoping to make a tutorial one of these days. Maybe this would be an easy and useful one to try to do.

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