Testing from iPod Touch


When I first started playing with blogs more than eight years ago, the thought of being able to make a post with a little mobile device like i an using now while sitting on the bedroom floor would have been unimaginable. But as I’ve learned more about the Internet over the years, it turns out that such usage was predicted by computer science pioneers many decades ago.

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3 Responses to Testing from iPod Touch

  1. Jim Groom says:

    Is that a picture of the new iPod Touch?

    • lockmantuj says:

      That’s a nice guess Jim. Actually, it is an idealized version of one of the pioneers of computer science who would one day predict a day when there would be an internet of interconnected mobile devices.

      I’m not sure about what ancient computer game our idealized pioneer is playing to the adoring gaze of family. My instincts tell me it’s either Prince of Persia or Hammurabi.

  2. mraplus says:

    I’m astonished that we can now have video chats with people thousands of miles away, interested in learning more about cyberspace

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