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Lesson Pie Chart – February 1, 2012

February 1 begins the second of the four sections of our course. The theme for this section is State of the Net. Our primary objective is to form some sort of understanding of what Licklider’s conception of a Galactic Computer … Continue reading

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Are you ready for the Daily Create?

Starting February 6, Tokyo is stepping up the plate for The Daily Create. Students have been briefed on the need to set up accounts on Flickr, SoundCloud and The YouTubes. Between two sections at UMW and one just beginning at … Continue reading

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January 30, 2012 – Pie Chart and Stuff

We are continuing student conferences this week. For today, I want to begin with a few brief announcements before beginning conferences. I intend to return to class at 9:25 or so. At this time we will go over the ds106 … Continue reading

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Ralph, Ritchie & Potsie

The allure of the Animated GIF continues to hold me under its never-ending spell. This time a trip back to place where I spent far too much time as a youth: sitting in front of the tube watching Happy Days. … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t love an animated GIF, right? This is ds106 after all. Instead of going to bed at a sensible hour, I chose to check out more student work. While reading Ekhlami’s Operation – Annihilate! Lost submission as a ds106 … Continue reading

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee Receives Honorary Chicken Basket

The only downside of introducing the ds106 model to a large group of bright, curious and creative students is that the instructor will quickly become overwhelmed with a staggering level of awesome output. I’ve already spent one incredible all-niter reading … Continue reading

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Lesson Pie Chart for January 25, 2012

I hope you’ve had a chance to check out this awesome Minimalist Travel Poster based in movies. While reading through the nicely written process description, I noticed a link COLOURlovers site. It looks to be a potentially overwhelming resource. What … Continue reading

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The ‘A’ Word

There are two ‘A’ words in this post. The first is Ass as in Jackass. The second is Attribution as in Always be Attributing your content sources. A question came up during Friday’s lesson while I was talking about the … Continue reading

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Lesson PieChart for January 23, 2012

I continue to be delighted and amazed with the quality and intensity of effort so many of you are putting in. I was expecting to see only a few scattered blog posts and ds106 assignments by this point. Instead, I … Continue reading

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Pioneer Pokemon Card: Adam Osborne

Assignment: As listed in the ds106 Assignment Bank, the objective of the Pokemon Card assignment is to create a Pokemon card of yourself which lists your special powers. It was a real treat to discover that Bryan had taken it … Continue reading

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